NRA BAR collection

  • In any definition, there is one thing in common for the word : BAR, that is to convey the image of straight line and solid object, in short, masculine rigid.
  • Born of this reference, NrA BaR reflects the masculinity with the humor and playful twist, the chocolate bar provoking the childhood in every mature guy. Any boy who can resist the tempting of chocolate? None!
  • Like the boy, chocolate bar is the melting of rigid image with the sweetness and tender touch, NrA BaR is the same with the pattern of lace ruffle on the gentlemen’s sleeves in era of Enlightenment…so classic and modern.
  • Its formula is destined to manifest the potent yet gentle purifying properties to use for face and body response to the boy’s behavior in cleansing : one-for-all and all-for-one!
    Rich of tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), each formula has its unique scent and performance suitable for every need and mood.
The Bar
Bar….a solid usually rectangular block of any material.
Bar….a counter or room where alcoholic drinks are served.
Bar….a counter, room or establishment where a particular range of goods, foods, services, etc. are sold.
Bar…..the vertical line marking the boundary between one bar
and next.
Bar….anything that obstructs or prevents.

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